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Thursday, March 02, 2006

How busy is the Library catalogue?

February was a busier month for OPAC than January was, again with a day or more than out because of the power-cut which caused some downtime. The OPAC figures are harder to use to get a feel for how the service is operating. It might be interesting to compare the 7245 requests for the '/TalisPrism/' script which OPAC uses to record reservation requests with the total number of reservations placed that month. There are other questions that we might like answering, like how many OPAC pages are viewed because they are mentioned in Reading Lists Online.
March is usually a busy month before April begins a slowdown in OPAC use which seems to last until the new academic year begins.

OPAC usage statistics.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

What is popular on the Library web site?

Graph of web site usage
At the start of a new month it is worth checking over the usage stats for the Library web site to see if there are any clues there on how the site is being used. There was more activity on the web site in February than in the previous month, despite it being a shorter month and having more than one day out because of power cut-offs in the Library building.
The figures show some clues about the patterns of usage. One surprising feature is the popularity of the Email directory (which has links to staff and student email as well as to Blackboard and Netstorage. This area is followed in popularity by the Databases pages. E-Journals and ExamNet are also highly used areas of the site.
You can view the February usage figures on the Library web site.
One area underreported would be the amount of people who use the site to start Google searches. They would tend to use the Google searchbox on the side of the screen and the results from the search appear from the Google web site, not the library one, despite the common look and feel.